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Composition Roofs

Composition. Fiberglass composition is the most common roofing choice in this area for residential homes and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Composition shingles have a fiberglass reinforcing mat at the center. This mat is coated with asphalt and mineral fillers.

Tile Roofs

Roof tiles are designed mainly to keep out rain, and are traditionally made from locally available materials such as terracotta or slate. Modern materials such as concrete and plastic are also used and some clay tiles have a waterproof glaze

Flat Roofs

Flat roofing is a different animal. With extremely low slopes (between 1/4″ to 1/2″ per foot if constructed properly), flat roofs do not readily shed water. These flat roofs are designed as a monolithic roof surface and need to be able to handle some limited time of standing water. Usually for large Commercial buildings

Metal Roofs

A metal roof is a roofing system made from metal pieces or tiles characterized by its high resistance, impermeability and longevity. It is a component of the building envelope. Zinc, copper and steel alloys are commonly used

Roofing Companies

There are countless roofing companies in Arizona and Phoenix but how can you be sure you’re hiring a reputable roofing contractor you can fully trust? At Camelback Roofing, we offer quality workmanship at a fair price. However, it our customer service that sets us apart from other roofing companies. Please check out our reviews on Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, Yelp, and Home Advisor.

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand that a roof repair is the last thing you want to deal with. We take the hassle out of dealing with a problem roof by putting our more than 16 years of roofing experience to work for you.

You can contact us today for an inspection and estimate that eliminates unwanted surprises and ensures you know what your roof repair is going to cost ahead of time. If you’re looking for roofing companies willing to work with home insurers, you’ve come to the right place. We gladly handle all roofing claims and will advocate for your needs as a homeowner. As experienced general contractors specializing in roofing, we are able to negotiate estimates for all aspects of the home directly with the insurer on your behalf.

There are a lot of roofing companies in Arizona but there’s only one Camelback Roofing. Our stellar reputation was built on honesty, quality workmanship, and creating fair and honest bids. Whether you’re looking for a roof repair for your home or commercial property, contact us today.

Roofing companies – Do I have to repair or replace my roof?

Whether your roof was damaged in a storm or started to leak, you need to find out whether a repair is possible. Our roofing experts use a variety of techniques to repair roofs that have been damaged by weather, wind, or age. Some of our proven roof repair techniques focus on tiles and shingles. We also specialize in flat roof repair and replacement and can fill low spots to grade.

White elastomeric coatings block harmful ultraviolet rays, protecting your roof while helping to keep your home cool in the heat of the summer. Granular coatings are also popular with many local roofing companies because it protects your roof from pecking birds and is more durable than many other roof surfaces.

Roof Repair

No roof repair is too large or too small for our professional roofers. We cater to homeowners and business owners and gladly work with insurance companies and contractors.

Your inspection is free and this process will reveal whether your roof can be repaired or if a replacement is necessary. As trusted Arizona general roofing contractors, you can trust that your new roof will withstand the test of time and the brutal desert sun.

Roofing Companies – Types of Arizona roofs

We work on any style of roof found in the state of Arizona. Let’s take a brief look at each variety of roof so that you can better understand key differences.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing is very common in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona. Asphalt shingle roofs are comprised of laminated shingles (also called architectural or dimensional shingles) or 3-tab shingles. The former is the better quality of the two and the lifespan of these roofs are around 20 to 30 years. Let us upgrade your roof to a 30-year shingle for a small upgrade fee.

Roofing contractors in Arizona are very familiar with asphalt shingle roofing. It’s a common form of roofing all over Phoenix and the entire state. As professional roofing contractors, we have many years of experience with asphalt shingle roofing. Many times, we can complete your roof in one to two days from start to finish.

Tile Roofing is more durable and arguably more attractive than many other kinds of roofing. However, tile roofing is heavy. Many Arizona homes are unable to handle the weight of tiles used for roofing. For this reason, replacing an existing roof with tile roofing may not be possible. It’s also important to consider whether tile roofing matches the overall aesthetic of your home.

Tiles are most often made from concrete or clay. You can spot clay tile roofing because they are semi-cylindrical in shape. Barrel tiles of this sort may also be made out of metal or plastic. Lightweight tile roofing is also available and may allow you to replace a roof with that beloved tile look. These tiles are just as durable as their heavier counterparts so they’re a good investment if you want to achieve the tile roofing look.

Repairing tile roofs isn’t necessarily complicated but it can be hard to match repaired tiles with existing tiles. Our professional roofing contractors know a few professional trade secrets that help minimize obvious replacement tiles.

Foam Roofing is made from polyurethane. It’s sprayed onto the roofing deck and expands, creating the roofing surface and Rvalue insulation at the same time. These seamless roofing systems have a variety of advantages for Phoenix and Arizona residents but they require skill and experience to install correctly.

Foam roofing can also be used to repair low spots on a roof. These types of repairs can save you a fortune over a replacement while withstanding the test of time.

Foam roofing lasts for up to 40 years, so it’s a solid choice for any homeowner. With an R-value of 6.6 per inch of thickness, you save money on insulation while enjoying the relatively low cost of foam roofing. Foam roofs are also less prone to leaking because it lacks seams where water can find its way into the home.

Roofing companies – Information about roof coatings

Roof coatings protect your roof and are also used to restore the roofing surface. If your roof has minor damage, roof coatings are often capable of repairing the problem. There are countless varieties of roof coatings available and they can be applied over foam roofing and other types of roofing.

Our inspectors will ensure that your roof coating is working as intended. You should contact one of our roofing contractors to inspect your roof coating every year because small problems can quickly become expensive problems. Inspections seek to discover whether your coatings are flaking or peeling. Any damage to roof coatings can cause a roof to leak, so it’s important to remain diligent with your annual inspection.

Roof coating repairs are relatively straightforward. Our professional roof technicians can do spot repairs on problem areas, or apply a new coating to your entire roof. If you have questions about roof coatings, contact us today for more detailed information.

Roofing companies – Low slope roofing information

These products used with various roofing styles, including low pitched and flat roofs. Repairing a low slope roofing membrane starts with a comprehensive inspection.

There are a number of ways water can intrude through the membrane, including gaps, damage, and loose caulking.

Roofing Contractors

Once we identify the problem we restore the membrane with an elastomeric coating or with some other style of a simple repair.

Sometimes sections of the membrane must be replaced. Repairs to low slope roofing membranes require the skill of licensed roofing contractors who have experience with products used to do the job right.

If you have questions about low slope roofing, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.

Roofing companies – Insurance claims

Disaster can strike at any moment. Rain, hail, wind, and many other events can damage your roof. If your roof was damaged and you intend on filing an insurance claim, we can help. As trusted roofing contractors working in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona, we know the ins and outs of handling insurance claims and making sure you’re fairly treated.

Depending on the nature of the damage, your insurance company may repair or replace your damaged roof. You should let us help you file your insurance claim. Do not attend your roofing inspection alone with your insurer.

Have Camelback Roofing appear on your behalf or along with you to make sure the insurer pays for all of the damage. Otherwise, your insurer may fail to see and account for all damages.

First, one of our roofing contractors will help you understand your homeowner’s insurance claim so that you can take appropriate steps. What’s your deductible? Do you have non-recoverable depreciation? Do you know what non-recoverable depreciation is?

Our primary goal is to ensure you get the maximum return possible on your roofing repair/replacement claim. You routinely paid for homeowner’s insurance, so you should get every penny you’re entitled to when you file a claim.

Most Phoenix residents have never filed an insurance claim or worked with one of the local roofing companies. If our inspectors find that your roof is damaged, they will help you file a claim and work directly with your insurance adjuster to ensure you are covered. Once the work is approved, we will schedule your roof repair or replacement.

Throughout this process, we advocate for your rights as a homeowner and policyholder. With 16 years of industry experience under our roofing belts, you know you’re in good hands with Camelback Roofing.

Take the guesswork out of estimates with our Exactimate

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a bad roofing repair estimate that costs you more money out of pocket. While this may be acceptable for other roofing companies, we offer our customers an Exactimate that eliminates the risk that you’ll pay a penny more than advertised.

Our 10 Year Workmanship Warranty is unlike any other in the industry

We offer a 2-year standard warranty on workmanship. You can talk to Camelback Roofing about a 5 year, or even a 10 year warranty that is transferable (with conditions).

Materials manufacturers offer product guarantees but we go the extra mile to ensure that our work stands up to whatever Arizona can throw at it.

A few words about Arizona, Phoenix, and roofing

Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in the United States. It’s also the Capital of Arizona There are a number of other smaller cities associated with Phoenix including Glendale, Scottsdale, and more. Because Phoenix is part of the Sonoran Desert, it gets hot, putting a strain on every roof in the city.

Phoenix is a growing city with countless opportunities for entrepreneurs and those wanting to settle down and start a family. One of the reasons Phoenix is so attractive is that home prices are lower than many other cities around the country.

Because of its desert location, storms are a part of life in the Phoenix area. Hail and wind can damage a roof far quicker than many people realize. Oftentimes, roof damage can go unnoticed. One small crack in your roofing defenses can allow water into your home where it can damage insulation, sheetrock, and your possessions. If it goes unnoticed for some time, your house may even develop harmful black mold.

Contact us today for all of your roofing needs

We proudly serve residential and commercial clients all over Phoenix and the surrounding region. Contact us today to arrange an inspection.

After any severe storm, we recommend contacting a reputable roofing company to inspect your roof for damage. It’s a lot cheaper to deal with a minor roofing problem before it becomes a major headache.

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